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  2. By April 20, 2008 – 10:55 pmYay!!! We’ll see you here Tach and Emi! =) Looking forward to working with you guys. Let me know if you need any help with moving stuff in or finding an apartment. I’ve done the apt/condo search twice here now, and I know where to look =)Drive safe!!

  3. The term Climate Optimum was coined to cover the priod from 9-5,000 BC when temperatures were up to 4 degrees warmer than they are now. During that period the Sahara wasluish savanna supporting animals like hippopatamus. Folk memory of that period probably produced the Garden of Edend legend.Optimum means ideal except to eco-fascists who consider any change, ever, to be bad.

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  9. A major question remains, which is what the predominant mode of transmission of influenza really is. Is it via inhaling aerosols or touching contaminated surfaces? Im not sure that the data strongly supports one over the other, but the fact that sitting next to an infected individual doesnt matter while being in the same classroom does, might implicate contact with contaminated surfaces as a primary mode of transmission.

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  11. One way me and my sadist have dealt with this is that he has one play partner that he plays with privately (he was already involved with her before we were together and I know, like, and respect her) but all other play outside our relationship is only at play parties, preferably with me there but that’s only because I enjoy watching him top other people. If he, or I, ever wanted to add another regular play partner (or sexual partner) to our lives then it would be with mutual consent and we both would have to like and trust the other person.

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  13. If you retrospect Nixon, everything he did was a monumental, catastrophic f*ck-up failure. Very little, if not nothing he did was good or successful.Abandoning the gold standard.Extending and institutionalizing AA.Christmas bombing in Vietnam.Price controls.Mishandling the Middle Eat and oil crisis.etc etc.

  14. “You can hear the ocean if you put this to your ear.” She placed the shell to her ear and screamed. There was a hermit crab inside and it pinched her ear. She never wants to go back! LoL I know this is totally off topic but I had to tell someone!

  15. Thank ya for the book recommendation! And I.love.my crock pot. Love it. I use it at least once a week. Mexican Chicken is a favorite. I also have a recipe for Slow Cooker Carnitas…delicious! If you're looking for fabulous crock pot recipes, I recommend allrecipes.com. They have an entire database dedicated to crock pot cooking. 🙂 Happy Friday!

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  17. Baths have always gotten my kids more energetic too… I always heard they should be relaxing for kids but I know I prefer a nice shower to wake me up. Make sure to use the behavior books for one behavior at a time, they should be short and easy to digest. We used a lot of them over the years with Little M.I will ALWAYS respond quickly to the bedtime post… I know how important a good night sleep is for everyone. Good luck.

  18. That’s ok Common Swift your response to me is normal because you nor anyone else can refute what the scripture say’s in plain English. You resort to name calling and belittling, and trying to tear down my character. It’s the truth nevertheless. I pray you receive it In Jesus Name!Lord Bles you,Edith

  19. · Good luck – it’s a great idea. Maybe this is why you couldn’t get to sleep I can get rid of lots of stuff but books are the hardest (along with the kids stuff – they hang on for dear life). You just have to remember that if you live long enough you will probably end up with only 1 suitcase of stuff to take with you to the nursing home.

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  22. I see it as the same way that to become Catholic, you must support Rome and the Pope… in theory. (This is why people made a big stink about JFK being president. “But he’s Catholic, so whatever the Pope tells him to do, he’ll have to do! And then we’ll be taken over by the Vatican!”)While all the Catholics I know listen to the Pope, they obey him when it fits them and ignore him when they don’t like what he’s saying.Of course, the Pope doesn’t go about using white phosphorus on people, so maybe this is a case of apples vs. oranges.

  23. We will do a reprint. I just need to revise a couple sections. Plus, I got such a rash of crap for making minor edits (removing the long “s” and breaking run-ons into shorter sentences for clarity), that we want to present the text both ways in the revised edition. Edited for clarity. Unedited for unassailability.

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  25. I think it’s pretty obvious that my comment did not suggest that GNOME is perfect. If Linus were right, GNOME wouldn’t have any users or developers.Luckily, Linus does not represent 99% of the people out there who just want the computer to get the hell out of their way.

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  27. Hi Ann, thank you so much for sharing this recipe. The first time I tried making macarons didn’t work. Then I tried yours and they were perfect! Just a quick question though… Can put two trays at a time? I kept n baking one tray at a time and the rest of the mixture sat in the bowl. The second and third time, I had to bake more than 20 minutes. the first batch came clean off the baking sheet. Any suggestions please?Here are my macarons..

  28. Welcome to Sweden!First I want to say that I really really like your photos, visit your website everyday!!Second, hope you’ll have a wonderful stay in beauuutiful Stockholm! Most people in Sweden (Stockholm) dress the same, but there are a few that really dress f a n t a s t i c!You should go to “Nacht” on Spy bar on friday!! (www.spybar.se/nacht)If you have the time – you’re also most welcome to Copenhagen!! Have a great time, bisous!!/ Sofia, Copenhagen

  29. I like Mexicans and believe that I would probably come here illegally too if I were in their shoes, but isn’t it funny that our leaders have made it a priority to essentially grant amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants when employment among citizens is close to 10%? I don’t think I’ve seen this question raised in any article I’ve read on this issue recently.

  30. Feeling like a “victim of circumstances” — I wonder what that means. Sometimes I have found (and I’m not saying this is true for you) that people resort to a kind of self-pity/sense of victimization as a defense against feelings of shame.

  31. Thanks for your book list!! The House on Mango Street is really an amazing book…very honest, down to earth, easy to relate to. I also really would recommend A Great and Terrible Beauty by Libba Bray, simply because it is an awesome book. And I’m sorry Graceling got thrown of the Battle of the Books, but I’m sure that it will win many other competitions in the future!~Horselover

  32. My sincerest wish for your circumstances to improve. Life is really hard, and reading really helps. I loved "The Poacher's Son" precisely because it transported me to an entirely different locale, and has something to say about growing up. By the way, I came to this by way of DorothyL, and I have bookmarked the site. Hope you get better.

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  36. betsy, tribe implies kinship (not necessarily biological..could be thru social/political bonding). there’s nothing offensive about the term and nothing suggesting it’s ‘indigenous’ per se. that’s my understanding anyway.

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  53. Not preachy at all! I love it and will make my son read it when he comes home from school. He’ll love it, too–he started bargaining for being able to skip school on Valentine’s Day way back in January and was overjoyed when I finally let him know that this year the dreaded day of fake friendship and insincere love was on a Saturday.

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  57. Heather – thanks for the link on cyberbulllying! I too used it but with grades 3′s and 4′s. We had a great discussion on what cyberbullying was and they are in the middle of creating comic life scenes that depict cyberbullying and how it can be solved.

  58. Ad Jirka KmecÚS je vázán 9(2) pouze v negativním smyslu: Nesmí zrušit takový ústavní zákon, který garantuje PNDPS. Takže už máme nějakou smysluplnou interpretaci toho, že ÚS je 9(2) vázán, která ale neiplikuje jeho pravomoc rušit ústavní zákony. Obě otázky mého postu jste přesvědčivě odpověděl. Díky.

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  68. W00t! Awesome – thank you so much for posting this. That's terribly exciting to read; I'll probably levitate once I get my hands on that books. (Gaiman and Brust – the Twins – are my favourite authors by a far mile. Having a favourite author write something like this… I get tingly just thinking about it!)

  69. I am really glad to hear that I am not the only who allows the wee lad to watch telly! There is a lot of pressure here as well that the telly should not be used as a “babysitter” etc, but I do think that having a balanced relationship with the telly is important, I mean we watch it, so why shouldn’t he? (And it also means that I have about 30 minutes every afternoon to get dinner!) I also got some great tips here, my wee lad loves music, so I have just ordered the Baby Einstein (as recommented by Kirsten) – Baby Mozart – so am hoping he will enjoy that

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